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Year 2019

Andrew Gillette; Tyler Kloefkorn; Victoria Sanders
Computational Serendipity and Tensor Product Finite Element Differential Forms
Vol. 5 (2019), p. 1-21 Details
Jonas Kusch; Graham W. Alldredge; Martin Frank
Maximum-principle-satisfying second-order Intrusive Polynomial Moment scheme
Vol. 5 (2019), p. 23-51 Details
Ward Melis; Thomas Rey; Giovanni Samaey
Projective and telescopic projective integration for the nonlinear BGK and Boltzmann equations
Vol. 5 (2019), p. 53-88 Details
Nicolas R. Gauger; Alexander Linke; Philipp W. Schroeder
On high-order pressure-robust space discretisations, their advantages for incompressible high Reynolds number generalised Beltrami flows and beyond
Vol. 5 (2019), p. 89-129 Details