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Volume 4 (2018)
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François Bouchut; Yann Jobic; Roberto Natalini; René Occelli; Vincent Pavan
Second-order entropy satisfying BGK-FVS schemes for incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
p. 1-56 Details
Houssam AlRachid; Letif Mones; Christoph Ortner
Some Remarks on Preconditioning Molecular Dynamics
p. 57-80 Details
Min Li; Xiaoming Yuan
The augmented Lagrangian method with full Jacobian decomposition and logarithmic-quadratic proximal regularization for multiple-block separable convex programming
p. 81-120 Details
Martin Campos Pinto; Frédérique Charles
From particle methods to forward-backward Lagrangian schemes
p. 121-150 Details
John W. Barrett; Harald Garcke; Robert Nürnberg
Gradient flow dynamics of two-phase biomembranes: Sharp interface variational formulation and finite element approximation
p. 151-195 Details
Robert C. Kirby
A general approach to transforming finite elements
p. 197-224 Details
Ralf Hiptmair; Cecilia Pagliantini
Splitting-Based Structure Preserving Discretizations for Magnetohydrodynamics
p. 225-257 Details
Jean-Baptiste Bellet
Multiresolution greedy algorithm dedicated to reflective tomography
p. 259-296 Details
François Alouges; Matthieu Aussal
FEM and BEM simulations with the Gypsilab framework
p. 297-318 Details
Argiris I. Delis; Hervé Guillard; Yih-Chin Tai
Numerical simulations of hydraulic jumps with the Shear Shallow Water model
p. 319-344 Details
Johnny Guzmán; L. Ridgway Scott
Cubic Lagrange elements satisfying exact incompressibility
p. 345-374 Details
Nicolas Therme
A class of robust numerical schemes to compute front propagation
p. 375-397 Details
Lourenço Beirão da Veiga; Franco Brezzi; L. Donatella Marini; Alessandro Russo
Virtual Element approximations of the Vector Potential Formulation of Magnetostatic problems
p. 399-416 Details
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