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Volume 1 (2015)
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Douglas N. Arnold; Thierry Goudon
The SMAI Journal of Computational Mathematics
p. 1-3 Details
Bijan Mohammadi
Parallel reverse time integration and reduced order models
p. 5-28 Details
Antonin Chambolle; Thomas Pock
A remark on accelerated block coordinate descent for computing the proximity operators of a sum of convex functions
p. 29-54 Details
Houssam Alrachid; Tony Lelièvre
Long-time convergence of an adaptive biasing force method: Variance reduction by Helmholtz projection
p. 55-82 Details
Grégoire Allaire; Charles Dapogny
A deterministic approximation method in shape optimization under random uncertainties
p. 83-143 Details
Bingsheng He; Xiaoming Yuan
Block-wise Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for Multiple-block Convex Programming and Beyond
p. 145-174 Details
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